Friday, September 12, 2014


When do we trust a prognosis from a doctor? My husband has a neurological disease which impairs his mobility and takes away his strength bit by bit. The last time we went to see the neurologist he told us that he would give my husband six to nine months to live. We better prepare our future, according to him. We were stunned with this verdict. It was like a death sentence. This happened 2 1/2 months ago. Should we believe this doctor? We have heard over and over from other people that you can not trust a prognosis, because the doctors have been wrong so many times. We know now that if we make it till the new year we have broken the six months. If we make it till his 85th birthday the end of next March, we have broken the nine months prognosis.
However we refused to live that way. We are blessed every morning when we wake up and still have breakfast together. We are happy that we can still be together in our home. We know that God is in control and we will accept His prognosis for our life. Our future is secured, we know that Heaven  is waiting and we can still enjoy peace and rest together. We are still so blessed knowing Who is in charge and Who we can trust.
The doctor could be right or wrong. We do not care, but just live one day at a time and enjoy each other.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall is just around the corner

It is about time that I put down a new post.
Many things do happen in more than two years. That was the last time I posted a blog.
It is the first of September, the wind is blowing, clouds are filling the sky and it feels like fall is just around the corner. Most farmers in our area are behind schedule because of a very wet spring which meant a late seeding and then more and more rain. They are anxious to go out on the field and start their harvest.
 I see many pictures of people who are putting the produce of their garden up and have some canning done. I am thrilled to see the younger generation starting up this great time consuming task.
I remember it was my mother-in-law's hobby to have the shelves in her pantry full with jars of vegetables. She looked at them with pride and all she really did was giving them away to family and friends. It just gave her such a feeling of satisfaction and her face would shine with glory over another task accomplished.
We are not all like that. I love my indoor garden and have a sun-room full with plants and in the winter time the geraniums from my deck are still added to it.
Well I made some jars with applesauce from my neighbor's apples and froze them and some jam from raspberries someone gave me. My claim is that we live in town, half our backyard is parking, we have a three-car garage and the rest is for the dog. She needs some room to run too.
What I do enjoy is making slippers. It is an easy pattern and I can even watch t.v. and make them. On my trip to B.C., when I went to see my family,  I took 18 pairs with me and was still two pairs short, because even some of the grandsons liked them also. I crochet extra big ones with double yarn for the auxiliary of the hospital. People who have had surgery on their leg or foot like the big sizes. I always have a pair on the go.
It is productive, it kills time and this way I can spend much time with my husband who is pretty well housebound  with a fatal disease. He farmed for more that 60 years but is not able to do this anymore. I am thankful that we still have each other and can be together this way.
One desire of my heart the Lord provided for me. After the children were grown I had hoped to be able to sleep in, but an active farmer gets up early in the morning and goes to bed late. Now that my husband is home all the time we get up late, enjoy our breakfast together, have our daily devotions and the morning is more than half gone. I love it because I am not a morning person.
God is good, if we know Him and are able to accept what He has in store for us. He will give us the desires of our heart in His time.