Friday, January 23, 2015

Not looking back, but keep going.

When I have not written for awhile, not counting my weekly little devotionals , my heart urges me to write again. I will not look back at the date that I wrote on my blog last. I just want to keep going. Life has its ups and downs but with Christ aboard our vessel we can over come and be blessed from day to day. One of my children suggested to write each day in my journal one item of thanksgiving. It is uplifting to do so, because each day has its blessings. We just do not see them or count them.
Today the sun is shining and the snow is melting. It really feels that spring is not far away. When I look at the pictures on my walls and shelves I realize how rich I am with my family. My husband has a neurological disease which is shredding his body apart. His mobility is very poor and it is beginning to rob him from enjoying life. Some of his organs are not working properly anymore which is devastating for him. Still we can see how the Lord protects him when we have to go out somewhere and there are no falls or mishaps. As long we are open to see His protection and guidance. The prognosis is poor, but doctors have been wrong before and we rely on a Holy God who makes the rules about living and dying.
It has taught me to look around and see the needs in our town. There are many lonely people, who are housebound because of age and infirmities. I see it now in my own home. People are afraid to take my husband out because of his poor mobility, but the business of life breaks down communication and visitation. Many elderly people have no family here and some spent days on end in bed or in a chair. How can we help them? I try, but now I feel my place is at home with my husband who is also lonely for visitors.
We need to pray that the Lord will stir hearts and bring about commitment to seek contact with the elderly in our communities. It is not until we experience it ourselves that we see the need around us.
My heart is hurting.