Time flies

Has it really been more than three months since I wrote a blog? Time does not really fly, I am just getting older and must be slowing down. I realize that I do not accomplice as much each day and feel time wasted when I have a snooze in the middle of the day. There are so many things I want to do, so many places to go, but time is running out slowly. Have to take my husband for cataract surgery which is also a sign of old age. Am I complaining? Yes, I certainly am. However the Lord brings me back to reality each time. I am so blessed still having a husband. We are growing old together, what a privilege. Oh, and my children, they are just so great and wonderful to have. Without me knowing about it they organized a surprise birthday party for me during our Christmas visit in Alberta. There were 36 people present, all family. They all knew about it but me. Oh, I was so blessed to be able to celebrate this special birthday (3/4 of a century) with my children. Tears were flowing and everyone was happy to be there and help me celebrate.
I better stop complaining and use the time the Lord gives me in a way that is pleasing to Him. He knows my needs and supplies above and beyond. There are so many lonely people, some in nursing homes, others alone in apartments. As long as I can still move around, use my hands, I will take my hymnbook and travel. They love those old hymns. Sometimes we sing them twice because it was forgotten that we played and sang them already. Their eyes are shining and often a smile comes on their faces. I still have much to give and better make the most of that.
Today I will be again a "human book." People will come to the library and I am willing to tell them the story of my life. One chapter of my life story tells of me becoming a Christian, a child of God, being born again.
That is the most important story of anyone's life. I hope and pray that someone today will want to hear and listen to that part of the story of my life.
The Lord is great and greatly to be praised.